The Performance DNA

We do not build boats under 40 knots.

Attention, danger of addiction: PERFORMANCE combines maximum speed and luxurious elegance with the unique line of a powerboat. Tradition meets future: Since the early eighties, PERFORMANCE boats and yachts have been individually handcrafted with know-how and dedication in the shipyard manufactory in Porlezza at Lake Lugano. In the beginning rather an “insider tip” among true motorboat enthusiasts, the PERFORMANCE family has grown steadily over the years.

PERFORMANCE offers its customers the highest quality standard and genuine handcraftsmanship – while at the same time offering extensive customization options.
Because a PERFORMANCE is always also an expression of the personality, individuality and self-realization of the owner.
PERFORMANCE boats and yachts are the result of years of racing experience and are the perfect choice for customers who want an individually designed and sophisticated boat in the sports segment from 7 to 15 meters and with up to 2,000 HP. Already the “entry drug” into the world of PERFORMANCE boats has up to 600 HP. Unique for all PERFORMANCE models are the self-constructed boat hulls, which are known for their excellent and unbeatable sailing characteristics on all waters. They allow the customer extreme speeds and maximum driving dynamics while at the same time offering exceptional comfort for their class.


Our Models

Life Begins At 40 Knots